What Does Music Instruction Look Like?

Music Lasts A Lifetime studio offers private (one-on-one) instruction to students of all ages – from ‘first-time beginners’ to ‘revisit old skills’ to ‘always wanted to’ – all you need is a love music. 


I beg you, my friend, when you do me the honor of playing my compositions, to play them as they are written or else not at all.

Frederic Chopin to Franz Liszt

Beginning Piano Instruction


I offer beginning piano instruction  to students age 7 and older who are able to read without assistance.

We use piano methods books to promote steady progress, reinforcement, and skill development.   

In each lesson we address hand placement, note learning, rhythm, sight-reading, and musical terms.

Elementary / Advanced / Adult Piano Instruction


If you are older and want to begin piano, have discontinued study but wish to return or if you just want to improve your keyboard skills – you are welcome!

If we need to, we will use adult piano methods such as Adult All-in-One Course by Alfred.


The eternal task of song can never be finished in a single lifetime.  That is the beauty and fascination of the art of singing.  Once you begin to phrase finely, you will feel more joy in the beautiful finish of a beautiful phrase than that caused by the loudest applause of an immense audience.  The latter excites for a moment; the former endures forever.

Dame Nellie Melba

Beginning Vocal Instruction


You can begin vocal instruction if you are 14 or older.  Vocal development varies greatly so we’ll spend some time figuring out the best way to help you learn.

Fundamental vocal training will focus on breath and its use, posture, and vocal exercises focusing on range, tone, and vowel shapes.  Diction is addressed in the sung literature.  

We’ll also learn basic musicianship skills along the way.

Advanced / Adult Vocal Instruction


No matter your age, you can begin  or continue to study voice.  You may be involved in a vocal ensemble (church choir, community chorus, amateur group, etc.) and wish to improve your vocal skills. 

Some of you may simply wish to sing “Happy Birthday” or our National Anthem better. 

All is possible!

Adult Voice Classes


These hour-long classes are designed for those of you wishing to improve your vocal and musicianship skills in a class setting rather than one-on-one.